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Product Name Seoul Peace Travel
Product Summary Explore Korean historical sites and learn the history of military sexual slavery by Japan during Second World War.
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Seoul Peace Travel

Explore Korean historical sites and learn the history of military sexual slavery by Japan during Second World War


In this historical tour, you will visit the following sites:


1) War and Women's Human Rights Museum


From 1930s to 1945, the Japanese military systematically set up ‘comfort stations’ as it recruited women from colonized and occupied countries, forcing them to serve as sexual slaves.

The Japanese military names them ‘comfort women’, but the reality these women faced was far from “comfort”. It was nothing short of a rape crime. The War and Women's Human Rights Museum is an open space to remember 'comfort women’s’ history, to educate people, and to tackle the Japanese military sexual slavery issue. In addition, the museum plays an active role to make the world a place without war and violence against women by collaborating in solidarity with other organizations.


2) The Forest in Memory of Girls


This forest is located inside the World Cup Peace Park. This park is a place to remember girls who were violently taken by the Japanese military and forced to live as ‘comfort women’. This park is inspired by the fact that comfort women -now grandmothers – like flowers. In the forest, there are various ways to commemorate the young girls victimized by the Japanese military.


3) Wednesday Demonstration on Peace Street [Pyeonghwa-ro]


Pyeonghwa-ro is a space for protests held every Wednesday at 12:00 in front of the Embassyof Japan in Seoul since January 8, 1992.  At this site, we have asked for Resolution of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue, fulfilling its responsibilities, being accountable for victims’ human rights violations and retrieving their honor. Through this venue, we were able to continue our efforts to resolve the issue of comfort women. It is also widely known as a venue where victims and citizens are allied, a place for living history education, to shout women's human rights and peace, and of solidarity without borders.


4) The Site in Memory


This space was set up in Namsan Park (formerly the Japanese Governor-General of Korea building during the Great Korean Empire period) in Jung-gu, Seoul to remember the victims of the Japanese military sexual slavery. This place began with the notion that even though the victimization of comfort women has come to be a global issue of Women's Human Rights, there is no place to honor this painful history in Seoul. The Site in Memory’, houses the "Eyes of the Earth" sculpture carved with the names of 247 comfort women, victims of rape and psychological torture, and their testimonies according to chronological order. Also as an important reminder, the sculpture entitled "Belly of the World" is displayed along with an engraved sentence: "The history that is not remembered shall be repeated" in written in four languages (Hangul, Japanese, English, Chinese).










Meeting Point

Address: 39-13 Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 대한민국

How to get there : From Hongik University Station Exit 2, take local Mapo bus 15 and get off at Gyeongseong High School intersection, or do a u-turn from the exit and catch green bus 7711, 7016 or 7737 from the stop and get off at the same stop.

Product Name Seoul Peace Travel
Product Summary Explore Korean historical sites and learn the history of military sexual slavery by Japan during Second World War.
Price $25.24 €21.69


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